A brief revision of my vision
Iran Nuclear Deal
March 9, 2016

Beyond ‘Distrust and Verify’
The deal’s accomplishments, concerns about its shortcomings, and reflected on the challenge of monitoring Iranian adherence going forward.

We Built This
January 12, 2014

We Built This Why big government is good for us. An essay about the book To Promote The General Welfare: The Case for Big Government, by Steven Conn

The Boston Globe
January 5, 2014

A series of eleven illustrations for The Boston Globe Opinion page. A 2013 dictionary (abridged) From the Marathon attack to the Obamacare Web debacle, the year’s events left their mark on our language. Tech Surge Red Line Carlos Danger (Anthony Weiner) Micro-Unit Red Wedding Francis Sharknado Horganing Shelter In Place Flight Jacket Boston Strong